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Georgiana has set her sights on building a solid resume on the indie film scene. She is currently startling audiences with her compelling role in the short film “Blood Moon" -a dark tale about serial killers, Georgiana portrays Sarah, a sweet girl who falls in love with the wrong guy and ultimately finds herself begging for her life. The all-star cast also includes Academy Award winner Linda Hunt (currently on NCIS: LA) and John Hensley (Nip/Tuck), recently won Best Horror Film at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival in Los Angeles. Soon after, it was chosen as an Official Selection at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, WIFF Film Festival and Fright Night Film Festival to name a few.


Up next, Georgiana will play the villainous Jezel in the family rated feature “Believe: The Misfit Pawn” scheduled to air on and TBN's JCTV.

Growing up in Romania, Georgiana’s childhood allowed her to nurture a well-rounded understanding and compassion for humanity. She lived with her parents in Bucharest, nicknamed the “Little Paris,” embracing the sophistication and artistic attitude of this European city. Her summers were spent in the countryside growing her own food with her grandparents and vacationing on the west side of the country where bathing like Romans in hot springs was a normal activity. She continued her formal education at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. Georgiana never intended on becoming an actress. In 2002, she was granted a visa and moved to the United States, eventually earning dual citizenship in the U.S. and Romania. While living in Chicago, she began taking acting classes to improve her understanding of American culture and the language. It was during this time that she realized her passion for the craft of acting and the freedom of expression that came with it. At that moment, she was hooked.

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