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Happy Man's Pants screens Sept 6th at 8pm at Chicago Filmmakers/Film Culture Building

Were: Chicago Filmmakers/Film Culture Building on 5243 N. Clark, Chicago IL This was a Studio 22 Production and premiered at Northwestern University this last June, with 11 other incredible student films, to an audience of about 500 people. A whimsically fun adventure written and directed by KUNAL SAVKUR, The HAPPY MAN'S PANTS is a wonderful fairy-tale story which tells the tale of "A disastrously unhappy King who goes on a quest for happiness after a maniacal Wizard tells him that sleeping one night in a happy man's pants will guarantee him eternal pleasure." Come out and meet the cast and crew to see it on the big screen at: The City Wide Film School Showcase: Chicago Filmmakers/Film Culture Building 5243 N. Clark St. Saturday, September 6th at 8pm, reception at 7pm Kudos to Kunal and to the amazing Northwestern crew!

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