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CFDB interviews Georgiana

= > When did your acting career begin? I felt that it really begun when I booked a role that you had to audition for on a stage. When I opened that door and I realized it’s not a regular audition room, but a side entrance to a big stage with lights an everything, I couldn’t stop thinking that I’ve been tricked because I have stage fright. If I knew it was a stage I wouldn’t sign up for it. Plus the short had announced a big budget and that it was directed by ATAS/Emmy winner Kunal Savkur, so i thought I had no chance to book it, but I decided on the spot that I’ll do my best, I got nothing to lose. So I got the part. And I’ll always remember that stage, but now in a good way. = > What was your first role? What Film? I got my first role in Chicago when called back for a Brazilian villager role in “UFO Files: Brazilian Roswell” for Discovery Channel. It’s exciting watching yourself on TV! = > How were your chosen for your role on “Believe: the Misfit Pawn”? The producers noticed me in the thriller The Vision (2009) I played an unstable woman married for wealth and money so they sent me an email that they’re interested in me reading for a lead character Jezel- a spirited LA groupie type in pursuit of marrying a Rock Star. So I went for the challenge, it was this rainy afternoon in Chicago, and read with Jon Pupilo -who plays Julian, the rock star. The chemistry was obvious, and I loved the part of Jezel, this woman will stop at nothing to be the wife of a rock star. I’ve met director Joel Bunkowske after audition and we talked about the film and my character Jezel and I felt and feel so fortunate to meet them -they are extraordinary talented artists. Later I received an email saying “I have looked at other actors, and I believe pretty strongly in my gut that you are right for this part.” = > What are your dreams for your acting career? Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years? Ah, and I can surely know how to dream better than anyone, haha! I’d love to get cast in a recognizable show on TV and get my little foot into soaps and of course feature films will always be my love. In the future I also see myself involved into charities to help other people reach their dreams too. = > Are you working on any current films that you can share with us about? I’m working on a character addicted to drugs, but can’t say much about this project right now. Another film I wrapped is called “Blood Moon” is in post-production and it’s a dark tale about serial killers, I portray Sarah, a sweet girl who falls in love with the wrong guy buy finds herself begging for her life. The all-star cast also includes Academy Award winner Linda Hunt (currently on NCIS: LA) and John Hensley (Nip/Tuck); Blood Moon recently won best horror film at the 2012 Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival here in Los Angeles. = > Is there anything you would like to share about yourself that you think your audience would like to know? I like browsing antique shops with my friends. I just found out about Pasadena’s antique shops, it’s close to Los Angeles and I love statement pieces for home decor or jewelry. My recent bargain is a beautifully framed mirror –a great fit for above the fireplace. = > Where can people find out more information about you? They can find more info on my website at, or subscribe for my free newsletter under the news tab. Imdb is another good resource option at or they can like me on Facebook ( and follow me on twitter as well ( Thank you for this interview and for your time Annelie!

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