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Rialto Square Theatre premiers "The Vision" film, March Fri 13th, 2009

The movie deals with the paranormal and supernatural and Friday the 13th date for the premiere seems appropriate. So much that the tag line for the movie is 'On Friday the 13th, THE VISION comes true'. Doors will open at 7pm. Showtime is at 8pm. THE VISION is the latest film from Independent Filmmaker Robert Alaniz of Frankfort, who has been making films in the south suburbs of Chicago over the past five years. This will be the second time Sole Productions has premiered a film at the Rialto. Recognized as 'one of the ten most beautiful theaters in the nation,' the Rialto Square Theatre has a seating capacity of 1900 and a 48' X 24' movie screen. THE VISION is Alaniz's return to the psychological thriller movie genre in his 2005 film Barrymore's Dream that won the Best Feature Award at the Route 66 Film Festival in Springfield, Illinois in 2007. Tickets are $25.00 at the door or $20.00 in advance and are now available and can be purchased at on line at using PayPal. Group sales are available. Check the web site for further information. Contact: Mary Gable SOLE PRODUCTIONS Phone: 815 463-8411 Email:

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